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Medtech4Health Innovation Award

The Medtech4Health Innovation Award is intended for anyone who works with medical technology in healthcare.

By implementing innovative medical technology, have you been able to…

  • make life better for your patients?
  • improve your own and your colleagues’ working conditions?
  • in some other way deliver better healthcare?

Then maybe you could be one of our future finalists!

Västerås finalists Innovation Award 2017

The finalists from Västerås – photo taken during the 2017 Innovation Award ceremony in April 2017.


Through the Innovation Award, Medtech4Health seeks to promote good practice and spread knowledge about medical technology to inspire others in the field, and to show what medtech can offer. You who implement medical technical advances in Swedish healthcare are a prerequisite for continued innovation. You are the most important channel by which medtech can benefit patients and encourage companies to develop new products.

The prize money

The Innovation Award comes with a money prize of SEK 100,000.

The prize money is presented to the award-winning workgroup, clinic, project team etc. It is intended for staff development activities such as further training, conferences, study trips or similar.

Swedish healthcare

The Award is intended for people working in Swedish healthcare.

Which projects can be nominated?

Anyone may nominate anyone else. Nominations for next year’s Award are open throughout the autumn.

Do you have colleagues you think deserve attention for their work in implementing medical technology in healthcare? Fill in their names on the form and answer a couple of short questions. You can also nominate a group you yourself work in!

Innovation Award 2017 - Finalists and Award winner

Finalists and Award winner at the 2017 Innovation Award ceremony in April 2017.

Finalists and Award winner chosen by jury

Finalists on the short list and the winner of the Award are chosen by a jury. The jury will look for finalists with innovations that can be spread widely. An important component is that the innovations should be transferrable to other healthcare situations and have the potential to be scaled up.

All finalists will be interviewed and invited to a festive award ceremony. The Innovation Award winner will also receive the SEK 100,000 prize.

The Innovation Award was presented for the first time in 2017 in connection with the annual conference of the trade organisation, Swedish Medtech.

How to win

The Innovation Award winner 2017

Mattia Ringh of the Karolinska Institute representing the winning project SMS Lifesaver at the Innovation Award ceremony in April 2017.

The prize is awarded to Swedish healthcare personnel who have successfully worked with the development and implementation of innovations in medical technology (products and/or services). The innovations should have been introduced into healthcare and improved diagnostics, treatment or medical aids, changed business or work processes, or otherwise improved healthcare processes and people’s health.

The Innovation Award winner may have contributed to an innovation process as a whole, or one or more of its different stages: problem formulation, ideas for solutions, technical development, clinical trials, implementation in healthcare, collaboration with medtech companies to introduce new medical technology products onto the market, and so on.

However, it is important that the medical technology is in use in healthcare today.

Who is behind the award?

Behind the award is Medtech4Health, a national Strategic Innovation Programme financed by Vinnova.